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How to select a reliable partner for promotional products?

How to select a reliable partner for promotional products?


A new mind raised from my mind that I am wanna type some suggestions on what I can do for promotional products industry, especially for small business or medium business partners around the world, or even our potential partner who is going to do first sourcing from China. Here is going to make it right with anything everything you branded.

Branded merchandise is a classic cost-effective means of reaching out to attract more potential clients from our competitors and market. Even for small businesses, promotional giveaways will help draw people’s attention with lowest cost to your marketing budget. Apparently there are thousands different suppliers from China you can find, but how can make sure your money safe and help your business development?


Here are the answers with my proposals and how exactly I am doing for my partners.

1.       Being Honest

Always be really tough at beginning to start my business career and ran into some dishonest factories with quantity shortage, poor quality and even delivery date mismatched? Yes, I had experienced all of above mentioned, no good but I’ve never been beaten down but focusing on how to be honest with my partners. Go around to see factory, do some test and sample comparison, business license approval, etc. try to get more details to make sure we are looking for the right factory who is gonna assist us honestly. It’s reliable to stick with my old factories and search new ones for potential orders.

2.       Monthly Payment without deposit

Payment method negotiable for business gifts orders. Normally, payment is really important for us to ensure factory will follow every single detail and request listed by us. Plus official contract signed off by factory to make sure production will be strictly followed. For my partners especially for our first cooperation I am very confident to have a very amazing start and no deposit required for trial order of personalized products after cargos arrived correctly. I am open to this with my valuable and trustable partners.

3.       Being Reactive

Fast reaction on enquiries, potential projects and running orders. We are deeply understanding move fast and correct or we are out. No excuse but do the right thing.

Like to have a proposal or solution? With 10years experience in custom promotional gifts since 2008, familiar with most products from China, honored to be your partner and your 2nd option.

4.       Being your eyes in China

Your own office here – yes, we are. Care more than your expectations – we have a team in China to handle everything and put my money in your pocket before goods arrive in good condition, no loss or failure allowed. Going around each single factory for close following, quality inspection, container loading and shipment.


Offering above mentioned services to bring you a trustable partner from China, you take the advantage to control easier and send your guys to factory with professional understanding. Contact us or email me with further assistance today.

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